New Things Coming For ENDURO EBIKES in 2022

New Things Coming For ENDURO EBIKES in 2022

We at ENDURO EBIKES Ltd are happy to announce that we have many new exciting things coming in 2022 from the enduro ebike team. We have new electric bikes being tested and developed as we speak, these bikes will begin going into major manufacturing production at the beginning of the year in 2022. We have a new Hybrid Updated version ebike as an extension of our main enduro ebike line, plus also a very special limited edition bike that will be announced a little later in the year, along with some fun competitions that have been requested with the chance to win a limited edition ebike with a major associated energy brand 😝

The team are also working hard with various partner companies and components providers to produce a New Moto Dirt bike range that is going to be truly extreme and for those who fancy something a bit more terrain Motorcross style. 

On top of all this, we are also teaming up with a couple of sponsors and riders, plus visiting some new and exciting locations and will be producing some brilliantly entertaining content from our media producers. This will include all kinds of fun-packed video series that will show the bikes off in all their glory, everything from City/Street rides to Off-Road Endurance doing trails and mountains like never before.

It’s sure going to be a fun year! We love what we do and we know many of you who follow us also love to have fun on your Enduro Ebikes too. Who knows maybe later in the year also as we may even look to introduce a new meetup group for riders and create some charity ride events… It’s been spoken of within the team and it seems that it’s what people are asking for. Keep a lookout and keep tuned.

Thanks to all our existing customers and those also who are onlooking and considering coming on board with ENDURO EBIKES and our team/community. We are truly very grateful to share all we do with you.

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